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Boost Your SEO: Meta Description

Thursday, May 4, 2017

SEO (Search Engine Marketing) can be a confusing topic. How do search crawlers work? Is this information outdated? How can I make my website content stand out more in search engines? Improving your website’s SEO doesn’t have to be all that complicated.

One of the first things to focus on is the meta description which provides an overview of the page. This description also shows under the page title within search results. When posting a URL on social media the meta description will also appear with the page title.

Best practice is to keep meta descriptions short and informative. Meta descriptions don’t factor into search ranking but they are great as a “selling point” for users to go to your web page. Since only a portion of the description will be readable for users in search results and social media postings it makes sense to keep them brief. Most CMS (Content Management Systems) solutions should allow for manual entry of meta descriptions.

We can provide help with completing SEO-related areas of your web pages and provide services to help drive your content and website architecture.

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