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FACTOR in a Custom Website

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Working together with you, our web design experts will determine the perfect solution, based on the features your company needs to reach its goals.

Functionality of a custom-designed website is far greater with the team at Factor 360. For example, running an online store or an event booking system is a task that needs a custom-designed website built around it. With these types of sites, we want to outline a clear flow and a call to action, helping your potential customers become your actual customers

Attract more visitor to your website and improve opportunities to generate leads. In today’s market, just having a website does not guarantee results. In determining the overall efficiency of your website, we check to make sure your site is designed with your visitors in mind. The design and overall navigability of your website should take into account branding efforts and goals.

Code of a custom theme cannot be searched for or downloaded from the open web, making the theme more secure than a readily available theme. Remember, with free or commercial themes, hackers can download them and then use the knowledge of how it’s built, how it’s arranged, and where all the files are, to hack a specific part of the theme, such as a default image, or a js file.

Time and talent are valuable resources to all organizations. Working with a team of experienced professionals, you can boost your online presence. You can also have a more favorable first impression from customers, hence increasing chances of turning site visitors into customers and generating more sales.

Optimize the performance of your website in several key areas. Factor 360 checks through and tests all website code to ensure it is error-free, streamlined, and can identifying sections that need updating. This will reduce the time it takes for each page of your site to load, which is extremely important in today’s competitive online environment.

Responsive layouts “future proof” your site, allowing it to adapt to whatever new device happens to become popular. Users will have a much more satisfying experience when visiting your site, and you search engine rankings will be improved.

We understand that companies with a strong online presence and consistent branding have a greater value. Also, their customers tend to be more loyal. Factor 360 can refine your brand and help you stand out. We are eager to chat with you about your company goals, give us a call. (605) 945-1101

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