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Increase User Page Views With A Responsive Site

Monday, May 8, 2017

Page views are a key indicator that visitors are interacting with your website. Conversions and meeting a majority of your website goals come through those page views. If your website doesn’t have a way to reach users on mobile devices a lot of page views are being missed.

A responsive website has a fluid layout, flexible images, and breakpoints at which the layout of the web page changes. These three items help the website layout fit to most mobile devices. Responsive websites have the potential to reach almost 80% of internet users on their smart phones (source).

Smart phone use has doubled in the past three years


Smart phone traffic would eventually begin to overtake the global market share for internet usage. In October of 2016 worldwide mobile phone and tablet internet usage pulled ahead of desktop usage for the first time (source).

The good news is that we can help! We can build or take what you have and create a responsive solution within your budget. Call Aftin at (866) 869-8324 and we’ll help you improve your website reach.

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