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Secure Banking Solutions Website Launched

Monday, July 18, 2016

We began the Secure Banking Solutions (SBS) website by researching what would be the ideal user experience and what products and services needed to be highlighted. During the Discovery Phase we uncovered their internal PACE structure of Products, Auditing, Consulting, and Education. This became their navigation menu and created an organic flow for the entire website.

Originally, SBS stated their current website,, was about four and a half years old and does not serve them well anymore. It was extremely slow and the design didn’t reflect their cutting edge technology brand. The navigation was clunky and not at all intuitive. Overall, it lacked a clear path for their visitors to follow to find what they wanted. Also, as a security consulting company, they wanted a safe and secure platform other than the open source WordPress which was no longer a safe environment.

We revamped the website to a modern design and created elements that allow visitors to interact with the site. The website content, especially the homepage, is laid out in way to express the SBS company’s mission and brand standard. The 360WebCMS provided SBS with a very secure option for their website. This was an important concern for this project and our team partnered with SBS to implement a full security testing phase.

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