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Severson Oil Gets A New Website

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Our 20 year reputation stands out to many clients that are looking for their first website or a new website. That was the case with Severson Oil; we got an inquiry one day from a company that we had never heard of and was hard to find anything out about. The folks at Severson Oil are from a long line of locally owned business owners, and this is a 3rd generation company.

Our standard process is to ask as many questions as we can to properly represent our client. The Severson’s had never had a logo of their very own, so we created one for them and chose a color scheme that reflected a nostalgic oil shop with a bit of a modern twist.

The website is straight forward and is what we would call a brochure type architecture and is mostly informational. It showcases all aspects of what Severson Oil is all about, a local shop with a friendly smile.

View their new website!

A desktop monitor showing the Severson Oil website Severson Oil website on a tablet Mobile phone displaying the Severson Oil website

Categories: Brand Identity, Responsive, Web Design