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The Danger Of Leaning On Social Media Too Much

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The one aspect of social media platforms are that they can change how they decide to work at any point. Facebook's changes to how posts will appear in it's social feed. This platform is a big piece of the pie in terms of where an organization can reach their audiences. 

With all of the changes that Facebook plans to make how do you know that other platforms won't make similar changes? How can you be sure that your cause isn't affected by more changes?

Understand that you can still utilize Facebook
Facebook isn't entirely unusable for your company now. There are features and user-based functions of Facebook that you can still use to build your audience and reach new people. Also, if your audience is loyal to what you're doing they will still seek out your Facebook page for updates. Facebook Live still exists for different types of communication. Groups will still be around to help find others with similar interests.

Keep focusing on content
Even though Facebook will be focused on posts from friends and family they can still share your posts. As mentioned previously, Facebook Live will likely grow in use and may be a primary focus for the company going forward. Lean on your brand ambassadors to help share updates on your fundraising efforts in the form of URLs to any online contests and blog posts from your website. Make sure your staff is sharing updates on what your company is up to.

Funnel traffic toward your websites
Part of your social media strategy should be funneling traffic to your website. This can be your company's official website or your current online fundraising effort. This is one way to hedge your overall online strategy against social media changes. Your web presence should be your primary location for any news and information about your company, your cause, and any current fundraisers. You can also leverage your website as a place where visitors can sign up for newsletters and other correspondence. If you don't have an official website we can help!

One thing that will always remain the same about social media, or technology in general, is that it will always change. These platforms are businesses as well and have to change from time to time based on internal and external pressures. But these changes shouldn't be anything that should derail your strategy. You just need to adapt your strategy to the changes and realize that with the Internet there's more than one way to communicate to your audience and others you intend to reach.

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